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Bookmarks: unusual marketing tool

If you are wondering what marketing tools could be useful for your company advertising, bookmarks turn up out of the blue to help you, specially for business related to books.  Bookmarks could be used over and over again. They never go out of fashion and they are  less used as a marketing tool than others (posters, flyers).

Most of the time companies give bookmarks as a present for their customers, what allow them to make feel their customers special.

But how to design bookmarks?One of the best programs for bookmark designing is  Premium Heavy Matte 4UP bookmarks and its bookmark template for microsoft word.

First, what you need to do is to download the template  you like the most. If preferred you can download a blank bookmark template or one with an specific design.  After this, you will able to edit it as you like and make it your own.
But before you need to open the template you just downloaded by using microsoft word. After opened, start to design. Let your creative flow. It’s time to go wild.

Make sure you include your logo and contact information in your design so that your customers don’t forget who gave them the awesome bookmark.

It is important to add a back to these bookmarks, so it won’t matter which side of the bookmark the customer wants to use, will be exposed to the information that has been printed on.
Keep in mind to apply basic  design concepts before printing your bookmarks. This means that the information must be easy to read, font must be readable, information must be precise. Colors and theme of your bookmark must match your logo and the values of your company.
It seems an easy task, but people normally get lost when designing bookmarks. So for this does not happen to you, hire an expert in the designing area.